Suffs at Music Box Theatre

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Music Box Theatre - NY | New York, New York


There are SO many excellent shows on broadway right now but none of them compare to Suffs, nuh-huh! It's the premier on broadway! The iconic show is going to have you screaming ENCORE! Isn't it SO exciting! Heading back to stage for spring, 2024 and held in the magnificent, Music Box Theatre, New York, New York on Saturday 11th May 2024, tickets are flying out, it's looking like yet another box office smash so think fast and book to gain access before everyone else! This is absolutely the best show on stage, your May is going to be unmatched. Press buy this instant!

Theatre is a sophisticated expression of a simple human need -- one might call it an instinct -- to mimic, to project stories onto ourselves and others, and to create meaning through narrative and metaphor. We see this instinct expressed in children when they act out real or imagined characters and events. We have evidence of theatre-like performances in some of the oldest human societies, long before the creation of Western theatre in Ancient Greece. So theatre matters, in essence, because we can't help it. It's part of what makes us human. So if you want to satisfy that natural human desire, come to the Music Box Theatre in New York to see one of the greatest shows ever, Suffs on Saturday 11th May 2024.

Suffs at Music Box Theatre - NY

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